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The art of coach building

With over 75 million visits COACHBUILD.com is the premier online encyclopedia, forum and marketplace dedicated to automotive design history: collectible cars, Special Coachbuilding and the more than 1000 coachbuilding companies that created so many wonderful automotive artworks throughout the decades.
Coachbuilders Encyclopedia
See the Coachbuilders Encyclopedia for the continuously expanding overview of designers, coachbuilders and their numerous creations from past to present.


Join our Coachbuilders Forum for additional coachbuilders related info, details, provenance, images and questions.

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Coachbuild & Collectible Cars Marketplace

Visit our high-end MARKETPLACE: a select and focused market specialised in coachbuilt cars, collectibles, limited series & one-offs. New: Bespoke Cars and Ultra Collectibles.
Sellers reach a uniquely filtered audience of 2,5 million enthusiasts and professionals per year. See advertising rates for private sellers and dealers/traders.

Check our Pinterest image collections: Hood Ornaments, Coachbuilds, Shooting Brakes, Runabouts, Concepts, Revival Designs.
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