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Bertone Alfa Romeo B.A.T. 7 1954
Bertone Alfa Romeo B.A.T. 7 1954
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B.A.T. 7 was shown at the Turin Auto Show in 1954, a year after the BAT 5. The BAT 7 took up the styling dictates of the previous model, the BAT 5, and worked them to the limit. For this 1954 design, as for the other BAT models Bertone added some elements from his experience working on wing profiles in the aeronautical industry. The result was the exaggerated shape of the large, curved tail fins. The nose was lower than the BAT 5's, and the protrusions where the headlights would normally be found stuck out even further. The headlights were located next to the nose and moved to point down when used. The Cd was only 0.19.

The BAT 7 is shown in many photographs without the rear side bat wings. 

[addendum on the Alfa Romeo BAT 7 history - source]

Numerous stories told over the years were that the outer wings were removed by Ken Shaff given rear visibility problems while using the car for regular use or bringing the kids to school. It was brought to my attention that the above is not correct. The mods happened to BAT 7 when actually owned by Al Williams who competed with it at various events in 1955. He initially had modifications made to the engine to make it faster for racing, a new exhaust system, rear fuel filler and a few items in the interior.
The story is that someone borrowed the Alfa without Al Williams permission in 1956 and when it was raced at Palm Springs -- it was damaged in the left rear in an accident (at the track or on the way home is unknown). To simplify the repairs to the car, the wings were just simply cut off. The person today knew who did the actual work (*and told an old R&T magazine friend the story in the early 1970s*) as nobody could recreate the shapes of the wing and make it match the other side!
The BAT 7 was purchased in February 1957 by Ken Shaff, the wings had been removed (he described it as "sawed off"). The engine was detuned given it had been previous modified for racing in California. Thus 45-DCOE Webers and a standard 1900 camshafts were installed. Also the open exhaust system that had been installed was replaced with exhaust tubing and mufflers from a Jaguar XK120. The bodywork was repaired and repainted two-tone and shown at the concours d'elegance in Pebble Beach. The colors were dark on the lower body and the stripe from the nose and the upper roof area were a lighter color.
The Alfa was sold to Salvatore di Natale in Los Angeles in 1962.
(unknown when it was repainted 100% red again)
Later it was sold Lorenzo Zambrano of Mexico who restored it at Tillack's shop. At that time the odometer reading was at 15,000km (9,375 miles).



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