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Hooper & Co. Rolls Royce Phantom II Continental Sport Coupe 156MY 1933
Hooper & Co. Rolls Royce Phantom II Continental Sport Coupe 156MY 1933
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The Phantom II was the replacement model of the 'New Phantom' (later often referred to as the Phantom I) in Rolls-Royce's offerings between 1929 and 1936. About 1402 units of the Phantom II were made and of the Phantom II Continental, 278 examples are recorded. The Phantom II was the last of the great six cylinder Rolls-Royces whose development had entirely been supervised by F. Henry Royce himself. Only the chassis and mechanical parts were made by Rolls-Royce. The body was made and fitted by a coachbuilder selected by the client.

This Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental Sports Coupe, chassis 156MY, (design #5341, body #7776) is the only four place Sports Coupe of its kind built by Hooper & Co. As a fixed head coupe, it was certainly intended to be owner-driven and the compact design certainly meets the Continental criteria for lightweight coachwork. The Phantom II's long hood provides a pleasing balance to the short-coupled body, and the sweeping tail (a feature just beginning to appear in 1933) adds a sporting flair to the design. The hood was specified to be louvered, with the rear edge to be angled at 11 degrees - an elegant touch.

156MY is the first of two cars to specify an "Ivorine" (white) finish for the steering wheel, adjustment knobs, shifter lever and handbrake handle. Another interesting feature is the integral trunk - one of the first cars to be so equipped. In addition, a drop down panel below the trunk lid provides access to a pair of swing-out levers designed to carry a traditional exterior leather trunk with fitted luggage. Inside the integral trunk is an elaborate and beautifully finished walnut tool box with a lift-out tray that holds a comprehensive tool kit (with each tool fitting into a custom-shaped recess). Below the tool tray is a large compartment containing a variety of spares, no doubt intended to meet the needs of extended Continental touring.

Another advanced feature is the "Hooper Automatic Signaling Arms", vacuum operated "trafficators" and one unique to Hooper bodies, as they held the patent for it. A dash mounted lever allows the driver to signal a turn by sliding a lever to the right or left, causing a cylindrical tube to extend on the appropriate side of the car, with an electric light in its end to ensure night time visibility. 


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