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Brovarone, Aldo
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Aldo Brovarone

Born in Vigliano Biellese, Piedmont, on June 24, 1926, Aldo demonstrated an extraordinary artistic talent as of an early age. The professional studies he took on as a young man were particularly useful in his part of the country where a thriving textile industry offered good chances of employment

Having completed his studies, Aldo takes on a graphic designer job at an advertising firm in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1949. He is then offered the opportunity to enter the automobile world by AUTOAR (Automotores Argentinos), founded and directed by Piero Dusio, founder of Cisitalia in Torino.

In 1952 Piero Dusio requests his presence in his company back home in Italy. Two years later when Cisitalia encounters financial difficulties, Dusio himself presents Aldo Brovarone to Giovanni Battista Farina, a.k.a. “Pinin” highlighting his young employee's talent. This meeting would become a determining point in young Aldo's career.

After a trial period, Brovarone's position is confirmed as assistant stylist to Francesco Salomone and Franco Martinengo exposing him first hand to a prestigious work environment.

At that time Pininfarina designs extraordinary cars and Brovarone begins to personally contribute to the creation of these vehicles through detailing and sometimes coloring the sketches created my his mentors.

Outstanding projects of this period are the Maserati A6 GCS, the Ferrari 250 Le Mans, the famous single specimen Ferrari model built exclusively for the film director Roberto Rossellini, and the Alfa Romeo Superflow.

One of his sketches is chosen for the first time for the creation of a single off-set model built from a Ferrari 375 America for Gianni Agnelli.

Before being put into production, every job was personally supervised and corrected by Giovanni “Pinin” Battista.

After about eight years as assistant stylist, Brovarone takes on a leading role in the designing of the Ferrari Superamerica Superfast 2. It is his design and prototype that is presented at the Pininfarina stand at the 1960 Automobile Show in Torino.

This experimental creation by the re-known Turin bodybuilder presents a new and innovative style. The design has some points in common with the wing of an airplane (one of Brovarone's passions). The leading edge is the front end of the car where the air intake for the radiator is located. It's shape is that of a small ellipse reminiscent of the Ferrari sports models. The trailing edge is the back end of the car with a pointed tail towards which the curves of the car body converge. In order to render the purest design possible, an innovative idea at that time, Brovarone hides the front headlights completely under an aluminum cover activated by an electric command.

The DINO Berlinetta Speciale, presented in Paris, in 1965 at the Pininfarina stand was also designed by Brovarone. This prototype may be considered the last prototype seen by the founder of Pininfarina and was then one of the first models to be carried on by his son Sergio. It was another revolutionary design, the first prototype of a new generation of Ferrari middle engine. This design has since inspired many Ferrari central engine models and gave birth to the 206 and 246 Dino generation road versions.

Also in 1965 Brovarone designs the tubular shaped Giulia Sport consolidating a period of intense creativity both personally and for the firm.

Brovarone's last design prototype was presented at the Torino Automobile Show in 1975. The model designed for Pininfarina was the Alfetta based Alfa Romeo Eagle.

In the series-built car field Aldo Brovarone participated in the design of the Peugeot 504 and the stunning Lancia Gamma Coupé.

After his retirement from Pinifarina in 1988, Brovarone served as a stylist with Stola. He continued to draw and to create fantastic cards with airplane and antique car illustrations.


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